Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

On our way

View of San Diego


Point where Cabrillo came ashore

The monument to Cabrillo

Old Pt. Loma Light House

Old light house

Current light house


Veterans Day

The heros

Mission Bay

Talkin' bout My Girl

Could be FLA

Brown Pelican and everything

The boys with "homeless" bear

San Diego is fantastic! The weather is superb, the sights are great and I can swim anytime I want. And I did again today. We took the big honkin dually to quench it's thirst. Amazing, diesel ranges from $4.559 to $409.9 (that's a 46 cent per gallon swing). We went for the $4.099 AND it was on our way. Then we headed to Pt. Loma San Diego where legend has it the first person to set foot on what is now Southern California was Rodriguez Cabrillo. We went to the Cabrillo National Monument and the views of San Diego were fabulous. On the point you can see both the Pacific Ocean and San Diego Harbor and the city. If that wasn't enough, we drove to Mission Bay and took a bike ride around the bay. If my eyes were covered and I was driven to this area and the blind fold was taken off, I would believe I was in Florida. VERY nice scenery with water and palm trees and boats. I believe we could live here but we really love Florida (especially Neptune Beach) where we will eventually live. Maybe we will visit San Diego again. Enjoy the pics.

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