Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

In a prickly situation

Waiting for the train.

Comin' thru

Around the bend

Through the burg

Quite a drop

Here he comes

Speeding by

Rush hour

The Engineer

Old Towne USA


Ball park in the middle

Lily pond in Balboa Park

Spreckels Organ Pavilion housing the largest Hammond Organ in the US


Was going to trade ours for this

A beauty


Change tires while moving

Had a mobile phone in 1952

Ironing board and electric stove

Carried 250 gallons of gas

El Cid

The Prado

Fountain and Cathedral

We all liked Old Town


Cultured we are. It was museum day at Balboa Park. Once again we were there in a flash taking mass transit. Another gorgeous day. We started with the Photography Museum. Not sure when I will learn that these types of museums do not appeal to me. I love real pictures but without the social comment. Way above my head. Someday I may come across a Life Magazine picture museum. Now that I would like. But Shirley liked it so all wasn't lost. Then we split up. Shirley did the Art Museum and I did the Model Railroad Museum. We had been to the Toy Train Hall of Fame in the PA Dutch Country on our trip and that you may remember was fantastic. This was a close second. They had massive layouts and a bunch of them. These were the kind that the model railroaders can walk around in to run the trains and such. Great. Shirley really loved the Art Museum. We took a break for lunch then Shirley went back to finish up the Art Museum while I headed for the Auto Museum. What a surprise the Auto Museum was! Great cars and motorcycles. The most interesting was the "The Fabulous Car" of Louie Mattar. This was a '47 Cadillac that he hand made into car that set the record for the fastest non-stop round trip from California to NY. Older readers will remember Louie Mattar for the rest google him. The car is fabulous. Headed home after another stop in Old Town. I used the extra time to swim and jacuzzi then grilled hots and burgers for supper. Enjoy the pics.

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