Ian & Jen's South America & Southeast Asia Adventure 2011/12 travel blog

Colca Valley, the terraces were made by the Inca 600 years ago

Colca Valley

Colca Valley

Terraces from 600 years ago are still used today by farmers

Interesting archway

Roadside viewing spot

There were 1000s of terraces in the valley

Colca Valley

The view of the Colca Canyon was breathtaking

Condor birds in the Colca Canyon


Ian's view from standing on the edge of a cliff in the...

Ian standing on the edge of a cliff in Colca Canyon

See tiny Ian in the red coat?

Colca Canyon

Ian climbed up this little hill

Close up view of Ian by the cross

Ian's view from up top the little hill.

Ian in the Colca Valley

Tunnel we went through

Little roadside market

Look out for the Condor!

Our group that travelled together for 3 days


Beautiful church

7 day old baby alpaca!!

Nov 8 Chivay and Colca Canyon

We left Chivay at 5:00 am to go to Colca Canyon to see the Andes Condors soar through the canyon gliding on the thermals rising from the canyon floor. The condors average wing span is 3 meters and 20 centimetre, height is 1 meter and 20 centimetres, and the weight is 14 kg. The condors came about 10 feet from us.

The canyon is the worlds deepest canyon at 4160 meters deep. The view on the way there and back was breathtaking. The ancient people living in the valley built incredible terraces into the mountain sides and built a sophisticated acqueduct system to irrigate the farmer land. The terraces at the top of the mountain are 2000 years old, the middle are 1000 years old and the bottom are 600 years old. The top and middle terraces were built by the pre-incas and the bottom were built by the Inca as they knew more about canals and irrigation. These terraces are still used by people today and the view is incredible!

Colca is a cave that ancient people used as fridges at the top of the mountains.

Women from villages around the Colca Canyon and Valley hike up to the high roads in the mountains with tourist souvenirs. The women are in very fancy traditional dress with three skirts, a blouse, large belt, and hat all embroidered in bright colourful thread. Some would even bring alpacas and hawks with them for tourists to take pictures and pay them. Our guide told us not to take a picture of the hawk as that encouraged them to take animals out of the wild and capture this great bird.

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