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Us on the ferry, just after take off.

This pile had some writing on it.

Typical Sub

Glorious Yen, that one Ric is pointing at is nearly worth £100!!

We have finally arrived in the land of the rising sun, after a 2 day journey on a boat not too dissimilar from the Condor ferry.

They ferry looked like it could hold a lot more passengers, but in the end it looked like there were barely 20 of us on board. We had a cabin to our selves (usually 4) and had quite an enjoyable time. Just being on the move again makes everything feel that little bit better.

The ship had a reading room, games room, restaurant, bar and few other rooms. With so few of us we had most of it to ourselves. It took us about 2 hours to leave what appeared to be main land China and it wasn't long before we started seeing more land. For most of the second day we were never far from it.

We arrived with no consequences, found our pre-booked hotel easily and have got our bearings all set for the next 5/6 days. We weren't shocked about how expensive everything was, but we were surprised to see such large denominations and how quickly we lost them (paid for our stay in the hotel up-front).

With the left over day, we spent wondering up Denden road, fully laden with all sorts of stores you would either expect or not expect to see. Mostly it was filled with comic book stores, electronic stores or the biggest, model stores. We went into one, and came out about 2 hours later. Filled with all the wonders a 10 year old could ever dream of and we would be lying if we didn't want some of it (it was about 25% model trains and accessories)

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