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Roll out of bed into the bath?

OTT for a no-mark city


Hotel garden

Where did we find this hotel? It's very strange. They took the room deposit, in 2 transactions for each of us, the Western Restaurant only has Chinese food and the bar has no Tsingtao Beer. The hotel is enormous but only has a hanful of guests most of the people wandering around seem to be local kids. Arrived at the airport in a torrential downpour and it has hardly stopped since.

We tried to have a drink in the bar after we arrived and the person in there told us it was his private bar but invited us in for a drink. He reminded me of a young Roman Abramovich or Bond adversery and claimed he was a miner, I think his family probably own the local mine. After being given one sip of wine at a go (very nice Argentinian Malbec) we made our excuses to leave before he got a chance to call up the "girls".

Yesterday was a long audit day with a 7am pick-up and a 2 hour drive in the rain. Audit site was ok but they insisted on taking us out for lunch and unsuccessfully tried to get us pissed. The delay meant that we ended up working later than we would have preferred and had to take the drive back in the dark and rain - if I was a cat I would write off one of my lives to yesterday, how the maniac of a driver didn't kill us with his driving is beyond me. Clive and Stan slept for most of the journey where I was eyes wide open to every near miss.

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