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We wished we had been allowed a camera. Jenny booked an evening in a theatre with an acrobatics "party". We were not too sure at first, but it proved highly entertaining. With the usual tricks, jumps, gymnastics and so on. There was a particular act that involved a lot of hats, we both agreed it was the most entertaining and memorable. Most of it used very little in the way of props (they mostly climbed on themselves) however the finale was one of those great cages where they had motor bikes whizzing round. It was about 5m diameter yet they managed to fit 7 bikes in there. We were also both freaked out by the contortionists, people should not be allowed to do that, is that her back or front we are looking at? Who's head is she sitting on? I think its her own?!?!? We could have bought the DVD but we left it for the memory.

Yesterday we visited the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology. It was very similar to the one in London, although much bigger with a few more exhibits (and not free). With its much larger floor plan, this took most of the day from us. There was an interesting section completely dedicated to spiders, creepy. But, lets face it, the best bits are the hands on fun. This place had more than its fair share, but quite a few were broken or not working, which left more than enough to enjoy (more than all those annoying children). Jen lost a game of connect 5 to robotic arm, it waggled a suction head in victory.

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