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Ric standing on a 100 year old bridge with a Skyline background

The "sight seeing tunnel", no more than a light show

A very sad looking preserved fish. Look at his sad face

Today we went on a short self guided tour of Shanghai's Bund district. It included some good views and many buildings from the 1930's. Most of which were typical copies of western styles reminiscent of that time. It was quite enjoyable, our book giving a little insight into some of the histories. It was a nice contrast to our usual tours which are normally focused on either ancient or more recent history, this was a nice middle ground.

Half way through our tour we also took the sight seeing "tunnel", which turned out to be a glorified light show that took you from one side of the river to the other. For 1/12 the cost of the tunnel there was an added aquarium/rare fish exhibit which made buying the tunnel ticket worth it (you needed one for the other), with all sorts of taxidermy (turtles, small/large fish).

We also spent about 2 hours looking for a Dunkin Donuts, which in contrast was a great disappointment. We made up for it with a good dinner form a place called "Fries My Life", who can beat a good cheesy chips?

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