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Craig in Perth

The view as we entered the Grampians

Courtney in our little car

More views through the Grampians

Grampain views


Courtney and a bridge

Courtney's bald spot....and some rocks

An autumnal tree

More views

More views

Stonehaven harbour - the view from our window

Stonehaven harbour

Exploring in Stonehaven

Stonehaven harbour

Stonehaven harbour from our window

I wonder what it would be like to be tall.....

More views

The white sand beach, nothing compared to Perth beaches

Victorian Cliffs

An autumnal road

We have finally been paid and can afford to do some more travelling, flights are expensive unless booked in advance (2 months of so) so we decide on another road trip.

22/10 - Saturday - Headed off at around 10am after doing some chores in the morning, first stop is Perth!! We didn't really stop and have a good look around as our main aim was to take a photo under the "Welcome to Perth" sign. After this we headed to Braemar in the Grampians where we stopped for lunch, Braemar was a very nice little town in the heart of the Grampains. After lunch we headed to the East coast and stopped in Stonehaven for the night. Our road trips are generally focused on the scenery rather than any particular activity or event so please make sure you look at the photos. We stayed in a nice B&B on the Stonehaven harbour that had great views, we spent the evening exploring the harbour and the town before having a really nice dinner at a seaside pub.

23/10 - Sunday - Another huge B&B breakfast!! The UK obesity epidemic is threatening..... After breakfast we headed along the coast stopping to look at a castle just outside of Stonehaven before heading South to a stretch of white sandy beach the Scots were quite proud of....it was nothing compared to back home as we were expecting but it was quite funny to see some girls getting ready to go surfing in the freezing conditions! Once again we headed along the coast towards Edinburgh stopping at a variety of places that appealed to us. We diverted inland to check out some Pictish stones (9th century stone carvings) only to find that the stones are covered in boxes during the winter to protect them from frost (despite being exposed to frost since the 9th century??) so all we could see was a picture of the stones, on the boxes.

The rest of October - Not much to report. The following week and weekend were fairly uneventful, we decided to stay home for the weekend and went to dinner with someone Courtney works with. Dont want to call it too early but we may have made a friend or 2 (she is married). We went to a pagan fire festival in the old town on the 31st of October for Halloween. The parade officially started at 9pm and at 9.01 the skies opened up to deliver the heaviest rainfall since we arrived. The fire festival continued with the hippie pagan folk reveling in mother natures gift to them. Courtney and Craig stayed for about 10 mins before starting the very wet 15 minute walk home. Thankfully Courtney had purchased waterproof shoes and our waterproof jackets had been delivered the week before so it was just Craig who squelched all the way home in his fashionable but highly impractical shoes. That brings us to today.

More to come, stay tuned...

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