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The dreaded North East Winds are blowing.

Tearing a perfectly good Canadian Flag. The Texas State flag went earlier.

Storm Surge tide peaked at the second step leading up from the...

Something is flying the sky, it's a four letter word and I'm...

A little touch of ice on the Harding's Creek.

The winds have depleted their force on the Sou'West River.


Was able to repair the Flag to last out this season.

The Nomad is itching to leave for the sunny South of Texas.

A touch of Atlantic Air Show this past summer.

Another incident in the summer...I found a new tool bag in my...

Just lovely, eh? Actually the tire survived with no repair needed. The...

Dreaded Frost on the ground towards North.

And the fields toward the South.

Hi Y'all !!!!

Been so long since the last time!

I seriously considered not publishing this Travel Log this year because the time spent at Bentsen RV Resort seems to have settled down to just normal living to Rita and I. The first couple of years were NEW, Adventurous, and fun filled but now they seem to be FUN everyday happenings and not so noteworthy.........BUT........with all the positive wishes of all those who have indicated they were waiting in anticipation to read our Journal, I feel we must continue the Saga of Tom & Rita's Marvelous Adventures.

I feel I must tell you why we started this Travel Log way back 5 years ago. My Mom was with us back then and leaving her alone for the winter was driving the quilt trip on me pretty bad. Then I decided to write the Log (I am the world's worst letter writer!)to let Mom know where we were and what we were doing. Our marvelous son Jay would print the Log out and enlarge it so Mom (who was legally blind)could look at the pictures and see what we were up to.

I was fortunate to again get work at my old company now called Vector Aerospace Atlantic for the summer months. The summer was crappy until Old Home Week ( an annual city of Charlottetown fair that takes place late Aug) We always used to say "The summer is over now that Old Home Week is over." but this year it just started and gave us three weeks of wonderful weather.

We've been working towards getting ready to travel on November 12th. Many of our friends are already on the road or at their winter destinations. Susan and Elise are already at Hatch RV in Corpus Christi, Bill & Paulette are on the road meeting Barry and Pat then traveling together to Corpus Christi. Lorrie & Butch have just left for Arizona, last heard they were in Fredericton, NB.

We operate off 'To Do' lists in getting ready but there is always something that we forget....I wonder what it will be this year. The medications for the following six months have been purchased and loaded on the RV. Fluid levels have been set for the trip. The Jolly Green Giant has commanded a chunk of change in getting herself in Go, Go style. The Passports are still up to date, Rita has done her last grocery shopping trip of this season and now we have to deplete our fridge stock so it will fit into the RV fridge. I've placed all the shutters to cover the windows for the winter. A few have been installed but it darkens the house so much that I'll wait until the last minute to install all of them (Jay has already volunteered to do that chore so might have to take him up on his offer)

My Employment Insurance claim has been initiated, even though I cannot collect it while in the US. It will serve as a small bit of insurance if my talents are not picked up be Vector in the Spring.

Today we'll be having our last haircuts of the summer season, getting our flu shots and enjoying the company of our wonderful friends Ned and Arlene, being hosted by Dick and Sally in a little farewell for the winter get together. We will be delivering the Dodge pickup to Jay's today for his protection during the winter months. That's the vehicle that he always sends me a picture of covered with snow.

We'll again be living at Bentsen Grove RV Resort site #340 so still have to set up mail transfer at the post office. All vehicles have been inspected and registered for the year and my mind is actually as mixed up as this Log message as I see visions of our 'To Do' list flashing through my mind of a simpleton. (or simply a "simp" as my Father-in-Law used to say.) Isn't it wonderful the little things about those who have passed this world before us...... My Grandmother after you had delivered a statement to her, would always reply "Maybe so Dear".

We will be leaving on Saturday Nov 12 and heading for the parking lot of Bangor Wal*mart because there are no campgrounds open until we get to PA. The second day will find us at our cousin Rosemary and John's place in Concord, NH. Then we'll make it to the Pine Grove Campground in PA to start our visiting our favourite camping sites on the way to Mission, Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

Perhaps I'll get a chance to enter another Travel Log before we leave. The layout and entry methods of the Travel Log have been changed making it much easier to produce that I am loving it, especially the area that used to take so long ...the photo layout.

Oh, by the way, HeyU is sporting his harness and is scratching at the ground wanting to hit the road. I hope the 'little red assed bastard' doesn't puke on my jacket first day this year.

Love to y'all.......

Tom & Rita...........and HeyU, who's waiting at the bathroom door for Rita to finish her shower.

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