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In London again. I just finished my four day King Arthur tour. Tomorrow, I leave London and head to Wales, where I will catch the overnight ferry to Ireland. Woo-hoo!

The tour was pretty good, but I was a bit disappointed. It wasn't as focused on Arthurian legend as I would have preferred. We did a lot of things that had really nothing to do with Arthurian legend, or only a very tenuous link at best. And we didn't spend enough time doing the stuff that was Arthurian. For example, I think we spent a total of two and a half hours in Tintagel. Do you have any earthly idea just how many steps are involved in a visit to the castle? I didn't count them (kinda wish I had, just for my own reference), but there are *a lot*, they're a bit slippery and very steep and narrow. I finished at the castle about 10 minutes before we were supposed to meet at the bus. So I really didn't get to so any looking around at the rest of the town, and I skipped getting lunch. But our next stop was a spot on the Cornish coast that's only tie to Arthur was that a rector of the church there back in the 1800's was very much into Arthurian lore and did some writing and study on the subject. And we were there for about an hour and a half (which did include the chance to have a Cornish cream tea, which took the place of lunch for me). Same sort of thing happened today - we went to Glastonbury. For those who may not know, Glastonbury Tor is supposed to very possibly be the site of Avalon, and there's a legend that the Holy Grail is buried somewhere in the old Abbey. Not to mention that Arthur and Guinevere are supposed to have been buried at the Abbey. We were there for a little less than two hours. I had time to climb to the top of the Tor (again, many, many stone steps), but no time to visit the Abbey or the Chalice Well. But next we went to Wells, just down the road a bit, which has a really lovely and peaceful cathedral but nothing to do with Arthur, and we were there for almost two hours. I really didn't go on this tour for general siteseeing, but we did a lot of it. I suppose the whole thing again suffered from my high expectations. But I did enjoy it, and I will probably at least go to Glastonbury on my own next month, and probably Tintagel as well. Unfortunately, Tintagel just isn't easy to get to on public transportation. But I'll see what I can reasonably do.

Okay, that sounded much more negative than I would ever have intended it to. I'm having a really good time. The first batch of purchases and things I've decided I'm tired of carrying will be going to the post office tomorrow to be shipped home. Even when you're careful with what you're buying, it eventually adds up! ;)

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