Winter 2011-2012 travel blog

Thursday morning about 10 we took off east. We pulled the Rhino trailer with the Rhino and the burn barrel on it.

The little truck did pretty well but Ron had to shift down on the hill to Salome. But after that it is flat even tho it goes up a bit. We got to North Ranch about 11 and backed into D & S's lot. Bob from across the street helped us take the stuff off the trailer and we parked it behind the shed. Then we left the trailer there for the day and headed to Wickenburg.

We were a bit early for the signing so we stopped at Denny's for lunch. As it happened, there was a gas leak down the road and they had to shut down their grills. So there went my salad with chicken that I like. Instead we could have soup, salad or cold sandwiches. I chose Chicken Noodle Soup and Ron had the Baked Potato soup. They were OK but I had my mouth ready for the salad with chicken.

At the Title Company we almost got writer's cramp. After signing our names a gillion times and initialing twice that many times - we were handed a bunch of papers and told to come back next week for the rest of the papers after they were filed. It seemed a bit funny not to get the keys and told we could go to our house. But they do things different in AZ.

We then went to the Insurance Office and finished the paperwork for homeowners insurance. There we at least had to write a check. And were given more papers.

We had to stop by the Realtor's office to make out another check - this time for the propane gas tank. It will save us renting one as we now own this one.

We then picked up some groceries and headed back to NR to pick up the trailer. We visited with friends who were loaning us a two-wheeled dolly and then as we were hitching up the trailer got a call from the Realtor again. We hadn't done the final walk thru of the house. So we waited and did that.

As we finally headed for home the sun was just low enough to be in our eyes but it had set by the time we got to Wendon. We got home tired and with a let down feeling. We had bought a house but we didn't have it yet.

Wednesday we will caravan to NR with the trailers and MH. Our neighbors are going to help us out by pulling the cargo trailer with their Dodge 3500. Ron will pull the Rhino trailer with the fridge and picnic table and I will drive the MH with a few things like dishes and TV's in it. The Realtor will meet us at the house with the keys. We finally will feel like we own a house.

So our Thursday blog should be full of lots of news and pictures. We will see you then. In the meantime - have a good week.

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