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All our plans started with us going through Vietnam (with a hint of Cambodia), onwards through west coast China and into Japan.

However, we liked Vietnam enough to extend our plans and stay a little longer. This has put a little stress on China and Japan we have booked a boat already. This has left with not much time to see anything in China, so what we decided was to head straight to Shanghai in the hope that the one week we have in China is well spent.

We got our ticket in Hanoi to head to Nanning, the hub between China and Vietnam. A modestly comfortable "hard" bed that would have been ok if we didn't need to sort out the border details at 3.00am. Arriving slightly late we wanted to move on as quickly as possible, however, Nanning train station is immensely crowded and hectic, so we couldn't buy the ticket for today's train in time. The men in front of us in the queue for some bizarre reason had decided to buy all the tickets in the world (about 500 odd with a large stack of cash) so we really weren't getting them in time.

So, for now we are here waiting for tomorrows train, which in itself is about 1 1/2 days so, we are still a long way off.

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