Seamus trip to Rugby World Cup travel blog

We got home in one piece despite the leg. It took a good ten days to get over the jet lag. I went to the hospital the following day after I arrived home and the first thing they told that I could now put the second leg down on the ground, what a relief. The following Monday I was back in the Hospital again for a Physiotherapy and this time I was told the I could forget about the crutches.This was truly amazing as I expected to be in the crutches or wheelchair for another few weeks. The space boot is still on all the time including nigh-time and I will have it until at least the 24th November, getting back the full use of my leg is going to take some time yet but hopefully all will be ok. This last month has been truly incredible, the kindness and help I received from all those people on the tour was truly amazing and I will never forget their help and friendship. Max the bus driver and Roger the tour guide were amazing. Finally only for Moya patience and expertise this trip would not have been possible.

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