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Ric made a friend called Mr Leech

Baby cobra, he was this close to finishing us off.

Friendly neighbourhood mouse

Thicker than your thumb and longer than your forearm

He's real. Hungry that is.

Why should africa get all the glory?

as our second day, we took the ladies advise and hired some bikes and set off for the centre of the park. Here they had another set up of stilt houses, bungalows and a better stocked eatery.

The ride was enjoyable, but essentially the same route we did yesterday with an added section. To fill in the extra gap in time, we took off down one of the few paths you don't need a guide. The path took us quite deep into the jungle and further still into primary Jungle. It was also getting dark so we had quite the experience as of until now we hadn't truly had inside a "jungle". This included Ric getting a leech on his leg, which we allowed to have his snack and drop off. What we didn't expect was for Ric to bleed for the next 3 hours from the tiny hole made by the tiny leech.

Afterwards we had booked a guided night tour. We thought our head torches would be good enough, but everything we had come to see was about 100m in the trees (our torches are effective for about 30m), so we followed and waited for our guide to spot anything. Altogether we found 3 giant flying squirrels (couldn't get a good enough photo) and a civit (similar to a lemur), as well as many shapes of reptiles, insects and crustaceans (ie more crabs on mountains).

This is the last "thing" we do in Vietnam, our next plan is back to Hanoi where we will see more Temples and buildings of similar architecture and to buy a ticket into the unknown realm of China.

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