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A big mining bucket

Emerald Railway Station


Carnarvon Gorge

A creek

Another creek

Anne trying to fall into same creek


"Down by the river"

Oil and gas exhibition

Hi All,

Just tripping on around as we do. Had an interesting few days at Emerald and on one day went out to what is called “the Gemfields”, 3 small towns where they mine and fossick for sapphires. Lunch at the country pub made for a good day out.

From there we went to Carnarvon Gorge for 2 nights, famous for lots of bush walks that go for miles and a haven for bushwalkers, so we dutifully went for a walk but basically the big ones were really too big for us. Being in a national park it made for stacks of wild life mainly of the winged and hopping variety but very relaxing.

Moved to a small town called Mitchell over some pretty ordinary roads which the maps indicated were a main road but a poor excuse therefore. Anyway it was a good test for the van and she survived well. That night we “free camped” beside the Maranoa river, well it was just surreal, you could easily imagine old Bango sitting there penning his famous song and we were literally waiting for the jumbuck to come to the was a perfect night.

Then on to Roma, it being the centre of the oil and gas fields in that region for a night. Interesting town with a great display about the oil and gas discovery and recovery which took about an hour to see. The other interesting part of the town is 3 shops left in the dark ages totally mismanaged and with stock everywhere and we mean everywhere some aisles blocked off at both ends by the excuse for stock what a mess but interesting to see.

We then travelled east where unfortunately it was the time that our travelling companions Ros and Trev to leave and start heading home. They are lot of fun to travel with and we were sorry to see them go home as they have heaps more experience than us and they teach us a lot especially about 4WD driving, free camping and caravanning in general plus they are good company. We then went to Kingaroy the peanut area of Australia and of course the home town of ex premier Jon Bjelke Petersen now long gone but not forgotten.

From here it’s a home stretch as we go to the Sunshine Coast to catch up with Tim, Heidi, Michael and the boys for a few day then off home.


Mum and Dad,



Anne and Marco

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