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Copacabana gay and lesbian street party 1

That's a man, man! (1)

That's a man, man! (2)

Me and the Swede

That's a man, man! (3)

Copacabana gay and lesbian street party 2

Swede with the rainbow flag

That's a man, man! (4)

Well, had a pretty interesting night - I am staying at Apador - between Copacabana and Ipanema, and about 5pm heard very loud techno music coming from the direction of Copacabana. With a couple of people from the hostel (thankfully women) we decided to check it out. Turns out that Rio was having a massive gay pride themed dance party all down the main street! Over 1 million people attended (both gay and straight) - the music was loud and good, plenty of fun and cheap beer to be had...

Due to the theme there was also plenty of ultra camp types about - which is why I was glad we had some women with us! (just so that the drag queens did not get the wrong idea!).

Some very amusing (or should that be disturbing!) photos from this experience!

Posting these pictures fulfills a special request from a Dr Clint Paine, who seems to hold an intense interest in the goings on at the street party and trannies in general. So Clint, hope you enjoy (someone take note for Clint's upcoming stag do!).

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