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Self explanatory, we probably should have got more on camera

Here we are, but only for 1 day before we go on our side trip to Halong Bay (but NOT with any tour!!!)

In the mean time, we would like to share some of the funny Engrish and signs we have seen along the way (the ones we can remember)

"Banh My Pate" - Because it's soo good, it should be illegal.

"Binh Minh" _ Ric used to live with a cat who we called Min affectionately, so this sign came as a shock.

"Hello Katy" - This one made us chuckle as our friend Katy will probably do as well.

"Free Food Massage" - Are your onions feeling stressed out?

There are/were so many more, you tend to lose them all. We should have taken more photos of the funniest ones, but you can make them up as you go, just mix up your dongs, dungs, dings with your manh, vanh, danhs etc.

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