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In showbiz they say “the show’s not over till the fat lady sings”. For us she has sung her last chorus and taken the final curtain call. There are no more miles, no more hikes, the waterfalls will have to look beautiful without us looking on and someone else will take our places on the rides and attractions.

What started as a suggestion from Amy around 18 months ago, picked up steam 12 months ago has been run and completed. The thought of close to 6 months travelling in an RV to see all that the US has to offer sounds like a big bite and it is. There is no way we could have seen all of the US in that time. We lament that we did not see all we wanted or spend more time in places that caught out attention. We gave it our best and that is good enough for me.

So what were the facts??? In total we were away 161 days, drove 17,254 miles, travelled through 32 US States and 2 Canadian Provinces, and spent time in 29 National Parks & Monuments. We drove highways & byways and more than enough corrugated dirt roads to last a lifetime. We started in the spring and found winter still happening, summer hit us in Utah and returned home in the fall. Certainly a trip for all seasons.

This is an amazing country with natural wonders that would take a lifetime to see. We swam in icy glacier lakes, hiked in 100F heat, got close to bears and elk and saw so many magnificent sites that we had to make up our own word to describe how wonderful it all was. It was FUCKING!!!

Along the way we stayed with many friends and met new friends who welcomed us into their homes. The people we came in contact with could not have been warmer nor done enough for us. We have enormous gratitude for everyone we spent time with along the way. The nights spent out of the RV, in a normal bed were very important for us to freshen up and we thank you.

Something that I have not written about in any posting is the emotional impact that has happened in our relationship while on the trip. Those who really know us know that things have not always been smooth sailing between Amy and me. At times we questioned how we would survive the trip and what would happen if things did not go right.

Well, things did not always go right and before the trip was half through Amy asked to end the relationship. This brought up the many questions we spoke of before our journey and made us look at how we would or could continue the trip. I think we were still asking those questions on a daily basis till the trip was almost over.

There were days that were very difficult spending time together and somehow we managed to find one or two things from our day’s adventure to speak of and bring harmony back to the fore. And there were days we spent sharing a wonderful space together and created the most intimate of moments. There’s something to be said about living in the moment and being open to take the chance to move things along.

We both wish the circumstances were different, and they weren’t. I feel it is an enormous credit to both of us that we completed what we set out to do and enjoy all we did together. I have full appreciation for Amy to be able to do what she did in the circumstances around us. We end the trip in deep friendship having shared a common dream together.

So this closes the door on something huge. I don’t feel I will get a full understanding of how big until I have time to digest it all and see what emerges. I’m about to step into the new and I’m looking forward to seeing what that is.

If you have been following this journey with us I send my thanks. I hope you have enjoyed the sharing I have made every few days and we would love to hear from you and maybe share some of your favourite bits. Please email me at or Amy at

In closing I will use the words created by Stan Dale to end the beautiful HAI workshops. ‘All endings automatically equal new beginnings’ so I invite you to join us in our new beginnings, whatever and wherever they may be.

With love,

Neil & Amy

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