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Seahouses Harbour

Beautiful Great Neice Sian

Causway to Holy Island, notice the North Sea licking at the road

Causway to Holy Island

I am about to change the map, but you can click on any of the others to see a different one.

As we still have the car for another two days, why not make a road trip to Holy Island which is very close to Seahouses, a very pretty fishing port.

Sam's sister Nancy and her grand daughter (our great neice) Sian are sharing our road trip to Northumberland. You all may wonder when you look at the map, why in the name of England would we NEED to travel so far for such a short time. Read on...

It is now time to head across country to the North East coast. A stop for gas first a bite to eat and a wopping 200 miles up to Seahouses, Northumberland

Gateway to the Farnes. Famous for its outstanding natural beauty where we had booked a bed and breakfast for the four of us in Seahouses.

We had another feed of Fish & Chips and back to the B&B for a quiet and early night. I had a crap night as I was up 6time in the night and Sam was "crushed" getting into or out of bed. Use your imagination.

The reason for this very long journey up to Northumberland and its all the credit card company's fault. On our last trip and first day of four weeks we were horrified to discover that neither of our cards worked here in the UK as we had no chip/pin type cards. So when I found a beautiful cross for £75, the decision was to wait and find another cross once we filled our wallets with cash. So three years later it is now back to Holy Island and the search for 'THAT CROSS" Read on......

Holy Island (Lindisfarne)

Located in the North Sea one mile from the mainland and is accessible only twice a day at low tide via a causeway. Still a place of pilgrimage even in these more secular times, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne is the very fountainhead of England's Christian heritage.

We where up early Tue morning for breakfast and after checking the tide schedule we headed out to Holy Island. Sam dropped us off in the village at about 10am then returned to the parking area. The three of us headed to the "Celtic Shop" were three years ago I saw THAT CROSS. Beyound impossible the store keeper was closing the shop door informing us that the shop had no power. I managed to talk her into letting us look at what we could see, but alas, it was far too dark in the shop. Considering having a coffee and waiting for the hydro repair man, the plan was foilded when another shop keeper informed us that the power lines where down and the whole island would have no powere for at least eight (8) hours. Can you believe that, all this way and not even a chance to find THAT CROSS. Still can't believe it. So Sorry Melanie!

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