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The pictures of the hotel do not do it justice. It was a 400 yes 400 year old part were the restaurant was housed. The rest of the facility had each room decorated in a different theme. Ours was call the Tree Tops and was African in decore. Loved it.

After a very nice stay at the very exclusive hotel, we loaded up and headed for home (Salford) that is. Not wanting to just give up and head strait home we shopped in Cirencester, also a very high end shopping area. It was filled with designer decore shops and fine arts. None of which interested us.

SO, after a bit of deliberation it was decided that we could head for Wales and look for the infamous Celtic cross. More on that later. We journed westward once again only this time I had to contend with 'S' turns on hills with no barricades at 60mph. Picture somone who has a problem with heights, on the wrong side of the car were the drop offs were, travelling for mega miles up and down the Welsh mountain. My butt was anchored to the seat like files on fly paper. AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made it to Aberystwyth, one of those sea side towns on hills. Part of the route we followed was the Roman Road, that should tell you something and all of the signs are Welsh, a bit like going to Quebec. Not wanting to continue on our current history of backing up the roads we headed for another part of Wales since this place was way too busy. Heading out of town, up a hill of course you could never guess what happended next: as we were reaching the top of this very steep street with cars parked on both sides of a very narrow street, a young woman appeared at the top of the hill from our right and started to turn down the one we where on. She also was comming down a steep street that crossed our. The look on the woman's face said it all. It was just like the one on Sam's every time he had to backup UP the hill. It was a grimmise of terror and fear as she pull on her hand brake (at least she had one), put it in reverse and gunned it part way up the hill she was travelling on, forward so we could make our left turn. She pulled over as soon as it was safe, I'm sure to calm herself.

We arrived back at Nancy's about 7pm, that was nine (9) hours on the road. We could have made it all the way to Seahouses, Northumberland.

When I am back on my own computer, I will upload some more pictures.

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