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Anybody want some ketchup?

Beautiful spot.. we felt like we were in the garden of Eve!





Echidna on side of dirt road on silt jetty... his face was...

He had claimed his post

Pelican! We love them!

October 9th was a complete rest day for us located in a wonderful author recommended rest stop area. Very quiet as there was no one else around and it was set in a campground like atmosphere, we found ourselves a little hideaway under some beautiful trees by a river. We were graced with lots of birds and a clumsy jumping kangaroo across the river. The weather has not been co operating, rain storms come and go freakishly often so we were glad to just rest for a bit.

October 10th we continued on our journey down the south east coast of Victoria. Stopped in a town called 'Sale' and found our selves a great internet connection, called my Dad and chatted with him for a while which was very nice since I miss him a lot. Chatted on line with our nephews Dalton and Emmett and got all caught up with what the summer held for them. Good to hear everyone's well back home.

Last night we stopped at roadside rest area for the night. I was preparing supper and getting everything chopped up and on the plates. I was opening a can of Chicken. These cans have to arguably be the most miserable cans to open. We have a side cutting can opener and with these cans it has a hard time fully cutting it all the way around so there are many times when we have to pry or push the cans open. Well this was the night for me to do it really good, and for all of you who know me when I'm going to hurt myself there is no in between for me. As I grasped the can lid with my left hand, thumb and fingers on the top part of the choppy cut lid and tried to pry it open the can gave and my thumb slide about 3.5 inches along the cut top, slicing down into my thumb to the bone! That's right, to the bone. I grabbed my thumb and said to Jason, "I cut my thumb and it's a bad one, really bad". As he came into the back to see how I was the blood starting pouring out as I let go of my thumb. I said, "Shit, there's chicken in it too". I took a seat and starting to huff and puff and involuntarily cried a few drops.

As we started to inspect my fine work of art we discovered that I could pull most of the top part of my thumb back, exposing fat yellow tissue and skin. We had to wash it out with 58% alcohol Rum (that's all we had, smelled delicious though) and I took a small medicated gauze patch to it, rubbing it back and forth inside the wound to make sure it was cleaned out of chicken and metal shavings. I won't lie, it hurt like hell. The funny part was Jason, at one point breathed out and took a seat down. He turned pale grey and looked like he was going to pass out. He bandaged me all up, making sure that the cut was closed together and clean. We repeated the cleaning process a little later that night before bedtime just to make sure. This time Jason pried the skin back and poured more alcohol into the wound. I then had a nice piece of chocolate and some Port to make me feel better. LOL Jason said that this has to be the worst cut he's ever seen produced from a can. Once again Dawnie has done it well. If I were back in Canada I would have gone in to get stitches but being no where near a city, just a small town I opted out. This morning the cut was still held closed by Jason's handy work and it had only bled a little during the night. I shall have a wonderful scare that will add to my lovely collection. Jason said it will make me look "bad ass", to that - I will accept.

Oct 11th, today we drove into Mitchell River National Park. A beautiful area of dense bushland frequented by satin bowerbirds and the Gippsland water dragons, a type of large lizard, sun themselves by the river. Jason thought he may have glimpsed one of these dragons but whatever it was went too fast back into the brush to make a proper identification. We hiked down to the Den of Nargun which is a sacred women's site for the aboriginals. According to their legend, Nargun was a half-stone, half-flesh monster who lured her victims to her den and then ate them. She could also deflect spearheads which them turned to kill her pursuers. We never did glimpse the monster (sadly Jason had to put his spears away) but we did see a beautiful waterfall cascading over the cavern. We carried on to the Mitchell River which is particularly lovely with trees covered in mosses and ferns, rock felt ferns abound everywhere which give way to thick, dark green rainforest vegetation in the sheltered gorge. A wonderful steep hike back up to the car park and off we went to Bairnsdale.

Bairnsdale experienced a boom in the gold era, later became a lakes port and now is a prosperous tourist town and trading center. The courthouse, built in 1893, is an unusual building with gables, towers and decorated chimneys in the style of French Chateau. We stopped to see St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church however it was closed. The ceilings and walls are decorated with oil paintings, executed by Italian artist Francesco Floriani over a five year period during the depression of the 1930's. Stain glass windows throughout.

We carried on The Silt Jetties which are a curious natural phenomenon extending for nearly 10 kms into Lake King. The jetties are believed to have been formed over millions of years from silt, sand and clay, washed down from the mountains in times of floods and deposited on both banks of the river as it joins the lake. Rapid erosion since 1940 has damaged this geographical rarity, and some scientists predict its complete disappearance within the next 100 years. On our drive to the main tip of the silt jetty we saw to fat echidna's digging away, eating ants. We also spotted a few large pelicans and a most peculiar bird who sat on a fence post emerged in the lake waters just of the shore. It was so windy but he clasped his little webbed feet onto the post and held on, bobbing this way and that - swaying in the wind trying to keep his balance, not having a care in the world that we were just feet from him snapping his soul with our camera.

Its so wonderful here on the silt jetty that we have decided to stay the night here in our van 'Lenny'. Listening to the waves and the birds, watching the sun go down.

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