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"Very traffic jam, ma'am."

If you are a foreigner here, you have a driver. We foreigners are just not the sort of people who can approach Banglore driving conditions.

Ericsson provides drivers for all their visiting co-workers. Actually, they don’t just provide drivers—-they insist on them. Ericsson does not actually permit employees to drive in Bangalore. It is too dangerous.

If you are a white-knuckle driver, you should not come to Bangalore. Instead, you should stay home in Canada and sleep late. Myself, I have connected with my Inner Fatalist: I breeze through my morning and evening commutes.

At the same time, I have my limits. Yesterday, I walked one block from my office to the new hotel, where my company is transferring me this weekend. I found the hotel and then saw that across the street was a Staples. I needed a Staples, because I was having trouble with my laptop and needed a new keyboard.

Unless you have been here, you just cannot imagine what it is to look across 100 feet of road and know utterly, in your soul, that you are incapable of achieving it. Instead, I did what foreigners do: I phoned my driver.

My driver drove me a quarter-mile up the road, did a U-turn, drove back the quarter-mile, and parked outside Staples to wait for me.

It is not possible for me, yet, to cross the roads here.

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