Seamus trip to Rugby World Cup travel blog

We were now retracing our flight path back to Europe, over the Tasman sea, across Australia, I will not forget where Darwin is and we finally arrived in Brunei

I did sleep for a least the first two hours of the journey before we had a light snack. I was following the planes journey on the video screen in front of me.

The temperature was 26*C at 9am in the morning in Brunei, to those of you who love the heat you are most welcome to it.

We were staying in the capital of this very rich country for ten hours, we were booked into a local hotel, time to catch up on sleep and the necessary wash.

When I alighted from the bus, one of lads had a wheelchair waiting for me to plonk my rear end in, we had become very efficient in these last four weeks, I am been constantly asked am I OK, there will have to be a wheelchair party when I finally get on my feet.

A very efficient lady in the hotel sorted out our paper work, we were heading for a much needed sleep, only problem we received a phone call requesting the use of the wheelchair for a staff member who had to go to hospital but it was soon returned.

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