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The Beach!

Sunset from our hostel

Thom @ the beach

More beach!

Beach thugs

Upclose & personal

Lizard in MANP

Critter crossing

Hi folks!

Yesterday we arrived in Manuel Antonio to start our solo portion of our honeymoon. Our hostel is at the top of a mountain overlooking the craggy pacific coast and has a number of hammocks in choice locations to maximize the view. Manuel Antonio is a sleepy little town down the hill with perhaps the most beautiful (and secluded) beach in the world!!! Needless to say, we have been spending nearly every waking moment on said nearly deserted beach, playing in the giant waves coming in off the pacific or simply napping in the white sand (and we have the sunburns to prove it)!!!

Today we went bright and early to Manuel Antonio National Park; a wilderness refuge of jungle and beach spiderwebbed with hiking trails and lookout points. Along the way we managed to spot several sloths, a 2m long snake all coiled up, more lizards than we could count (including the elusive Jesus Christ lizard who can run across water!) and of course, howler monkeys. No squirrel monkeys today, sadly.

When we were on the main beach in the national park, we encountered a hoard of tropical raccoons. At first it was just one who snuck up on Thom and tried to steal one of the chips he was eating from around his shoulder, but after we chased her off (and Meg got scolded by a park ranger for "feeding" the animals - ! - ) she came back with her three bold babies and the noise drew another troupe of four raccoons, who quickly surrounded us! There was a minor raccoon gang-war but we managed to escape unscathed!

We are going to be hanging out here tomorrow as well and the next day we head off for the bustling metropolis (joke) of Jaco for a few days before we fly out. Later!

Tons of love to you all from Thom & Meg!

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