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No pics on this Stop.. Had a long day with detours around the flood areas of Highway 29 up to Sioux City.. Lots of flooding from the Missouri River all the way up to where we stayed for the night in North Sioux City which was in South Dakota.. however Sioux City is in Iowa just to the South. Stayed at a KOA campground right off the highway.. Nothing too exciting until 5:20am, when I heard a thump on the back of the RV near the car.. looked out our bedroom window and saw a Motor home owner flashing his flashlight over at our car which was sticking out into the lane behind us since I didn't want to disconnect due to our short stay.. Well I thought he wanted us to move and signaled over to us.. I got out and was ready to start up our engine and move forward 5 feet with everying attached and expanded out.. needless to say.. Abby wasn't so happy being woken up at 5am with me starting up engines raising stabilizers for 5 feet.. She once again gave me the idea to go talk to the guy and tell him to find another way out versus us moving.. it worked.. RV owner was happy to oblige and thanked me for coming over.. he took an alternate way out... we went back to bed for another hour then headed out our first big national park the Badlands! Boy what a day that was on the road!!

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