Mike, Roxanne and RG head to Ontario, Canada travel blog

Oct 7 Woke up this morning to clearing skies, no rain, but cold and windy. Worried about RG, can’t get him to eat and all he wants to do is hide under the covers. He did eat some yogurt and snackies though. Will try and find some different food tonight. This section of North Dakota is corn fields and sunflower fields.

The front seat of this car looks like the cockpit of a plane, with both the laptop and a separate huge monitor, but at least I can follow the route this way. We are in a wildlife refuge and a pheasant just ran across the road

OK, all you polka fans, we are passing through the small town of Strasburg, ND,, the birthplace home of Lawrence Welk. We have passed over two areas that I am sure were flooded during the summer floods. It doesn’t look like it would take much rain for them to overflow their banks and cover the road. One of the sections has been newly paved as if it had been washed out.

We just passed through Leola, SD, the self-proclaimed rhubarb capital of the world, but only 462 people. We are spending the night in Aberdeen, SD, the birthplace of Frank Braun, creator of The Wizard of Oz. We are staying here for the night and have lots of time to kill so we head to the Visitor Center and then find an antique store.

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