Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The tunnel

Bridge after the tunnel

Beach with light house

Looks like a post card

Light Keepers house

Light house

Up we go

The lens

Breath taking

Talkin' ' girl



Sea Lions Cave

Rear entrance


No words to decscibe God's beauty

The boys liked it too!

It's bugs for dinner

Our $9 campsite

With a view

Just like the energizer bunny we are still going strong as we celebrate our 7 month anniversary today of our great adventure. And it continued in grand style yesterday. The sun returned and we made the most of it. We headed back to the Oregon coast (65 miles) to see some stunning scenery. Our first stop was the Hecta Light House but before we could get there we needed to go through a tunnel in the mountain. The sign said at the edge of the tunnel the height was 11'6". Well we are 12' 8" so we stopped but no place to turn around. Upon further review there was another sign on the top of the tunnel that said it was over 14' in the middle. Waited for a clear path and drove down the middle straddling two lanes. Got to the park and what a beauty. Next, back through the tunnel to the Cave of the Lions. Wow, the largest ocean cave in the world and home to the sea lions. Only sea lions we saw were swimming outside in the ocean. We found the adult males have already left for Alaska while the cows and juveniles remain. What a sight 260 feet down via elevator. It was like being in a huge cavern as we watched the waves roll in. Excellent exhibits and a movie. They discounted the tickets because the sea lions were not in the cavern but well worth the price. Then on to a State Wayside park to see a plant that eats insects. Not a Venus fly trap but similar concept. The insect is lured by the scent and flower to a bulb that is translucent. They get confused and invariably head the wrong way and are caught in the inverted hairs and can't get out and become lunch. Time then to look for a campground and we are in a national forest campground just south of Florence. It is another beauty with lake view, wooded and fairly secluded. Dry camping meaning no electric, water or sewer but our rig is made just for that (even used the generator). $9! More water stuff today. Enjoy the pics.

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