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Herne Bay UK to North Pole

Herne Bay Gardens

Stiff flags at Herne Bay

Seaside huts from in Herne Bay (rear view)

Signature Quilt at Chatham

For drying hops

Old Wife with Sam

Since our last few days have been quite time when it comes to giggles, I (Pat) decided that it would be my turn to push Nancy in the wheelchair. You all can see were this is going can't you. Not even across the street from were we parked the car and another bout of "soggy knickers" all round. It would seem that my inexperience with my duties was soon fodder for laughter as the wheelchair hit the up bound curb were the chair remained and Nancy just about swallow dived onto the sidewalk. I was relieved of my duties and Nancy was releived too.

Herne Bay was a very pretty sea side village. The best we have seen on our journey so far. Our next stop was Whitstable and then on to Chartham for it's market day were they boasted a grand total of 15 yes 15 vendor's stalls. The detour was a nice drive anyway and since we were on our way to OLD WIVES LEES to take some pictures in front of the sign, nothing was lost.

Our last meal at the "cottage" was refrigerator stew or whatever we had to eat before we leave tomorrow (Friday)

Sam and I leave on Monday for our road trip and there may be no activity on this blog until we find a suitable WiFi sight. We are ok and we hope all of you out there in cyber space are ok too. Catch you on the flip side.


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