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The Gang at Ramsgate

Sam at Ramsgate

Ramsgate Harbour

Rescue Boat - Ramsgate harbour

Plaque - Rescue Boat - click and read

Old and New - See the windmill between the 1st two towers

Ramsgate mean time - Click on picture and read the inscription

Started out as an ominous day, overcast and windy. However, it cleared and was a beautiful fall day enjoyed by all.

As we flew by Deal castle at MACH VIII there was no time to even think about a picture so I have included a Internet link to Deal Castle

Deal was a nice village with a bakery that sold fresh "cream cakes" for which I did partake and a butcher that carried fresh Kentish meats were we purchased beef for our "tatter hash" (meat/potatos/carrots/water).

We had lunch in the town centre and I managed to find several jewellers from which a necklace or two was purchased.

It was not 'WORTH' a "SANDWICH" so sheepishly headed to "RAMSGATE" were we had a bleating good time. Made our way to Ramsgate after going round and round. Next it was

Margate which was a "tip". Not very nice and we did not even get out of the vehicles.

NOW, it may be obvious to some that when you road trip in the UK it is imperative that every time you get out of the vehicles, you MUST stop for either a drink (tea, coffee, beer) or an entire meal. Not wanting to be anti social I join the crowd. After all the beer and the cream cakes can't be beat.

Also, Hilda would be out of sorts if she was unable to pick up her daily newspaper "The Daily Mirror". We would have less comedy and far drier underwear.

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