Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

IF the Braves were still playing NOBODY would ask for a day off. But we are not the Braves and today we took a day off. Our trip is marvelous and for many envious but today we just needed to stop. We stayed put and did laundry, baked brownies, filled the tires,and got the cable to work after 6 months. Great accomplishments without leaving the $17 a night campground with a fabulous lodge and super showers. No pics today but we feel like we are in the spa for the day.

From the distaff side: First time using the convection part of our microwave/convection oven. The triple chocolate brownies are incredible...baked in about 60% of the normal time required. Billy...where are you? can I eat all these brownies by myself??!!!

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