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The all-important safety meeting

Thom on a zipline

Meg being pushed off the 60m high Tarzan Swing

Meg clutching the rope after the 60m Tarzan Swing

Thom after his Tarzan Swing

Thom coming in after the 1 km long & 180m high Superman

Hey all!!!

Today we were in Monteverde, high in the cloud forest of Costa Rica! We elected to do the ziplining-rapelling-canopy tour (known as EXTREMO), Meg with some trepedation and Thom with almost indecent glee!!!

Following the all important safety meeting (here´s how you brake, this is what the hand signals mean etc.) we scaled the first tree platform, strapped ourselves in and with a courageous whoop -Meg zipped off first. Each cable was about a ten minute hike up the side of the mountain from the last and went over the valley to the next mountain over- essentially increasing exponentially in height.

There were a few non-ziplining adventures along the way- a 90 meter rapel and a 60 meter high Tarzan swing (that the guide pushed Meg off of :) though she was just about to jump)! The final cable of the day was from the top of one mountain to the top of the next one over; 1km long, 180 meters high - and oh ya, the pully is attached to your back and ankles so you go face down, arms out, superman style!!! It was exactly like those flying dreams you have once in a while, AND MEG DID IT WITHOUT EVEN FLINCHING!!!!!

So much fun!

Love you all and talk to you soon!!! Thom and Meg

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