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Just outside the rainforest

Beautiful waterfalls


Even though the day was still quite cold and windy, we were quite happy to be greeted by the sun. We accomplished a few hikes through the beautiful lush jungle of southern Victoria. The first hike was a 2km hike at Melba Gully State park. We were quite happy to be back in the jungle, and the trail was absolutely wonderful, with huge trees forming a canopy and sheltering the lush forest floor. Dawn baptized one of the fern trees a "snuffolupagus tree" (after mr snuffolupagus from Seasame Street), as this tree was quite hairy and a reddish brown color, looked just like... you guessed it, Mr. Snuffolupagus.

Our second hike was in great Otway National Park, at Triplet falls. This was another fantastic hike though lush jungle, until arriving to a beautiful waterfall that diverts into three separate flows as it comes down the side of the rock. Further along the trail, we were surprised to find an old steam boiler, along with a few rail cars filled with timber. Turns out this area was once the biggest mill in the Otway Ranges... lucky for the forest, the mill is no more and conservation measures are now taken to protect the Rainforests. It was also good to see that some of the monstrous 300 year old trees were somehow left undisturbed by the milling activity (a single one of these trees contains enough timber to make thousands of dollars easily).

The driving scenery has been great. The area is full of lush green hills and farms. We've seen some monstrous cows today.. they must feed them steroids or something!

The one bad thing about the jungle and it's immensity, is that the pictures taken simply cannot capture the sheer size and beauty that surrounds one when immersed in these wonderful rainforests. While I try my best, I'm constantly disappointed when looking at the pictures and comparing them to actually being there.

Tomorrow will bring another couple of hikes to a few more waterfalls. We're spending the night at the entrance to the first hike and will be able to get an early start.

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