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Today they changed over to daylight saving so we are now another hour further ahead. ridiculous, we go to bed and set the alarm for 7only to wake up at 8! Very confusing, we feel robbed of an hour of our lives!

We decided today we would got to featherdale wildlife sanctuary which is home to all native Australian animals including. Koalas, dingo's, wallabies, kangaroos, wombats, Tasmanian devils etc. One of Colz's to do list on this trip was to see a koala up close.

As it was raining and cold out came the long johns for Colz for the 1st time! Yummy! :)

We caught the train out to blacktown which is about a 30/40 min trip. On the train there were a lot of warriors fans which were on there way to the ANZ Stadium where it was the final of the Rugby League.the warriors are a NZ side and are the underdogs. They lost to manly an Aussie side. Once at Blacktown station we had a 30 min wait for the bus to take us to featherdale.  It was very cool and we got to see all the local animals which we wouldn't see in SA. We got to touch a koala which are very cute animals but have crazy claws on them. You could buy kangaroo food which is basically grass in an ice cream cone for $1 and so we did and went into the kangaroo inclosure! Chevan you would have freaked out. It was so funny to see Coraline with the kangaroos. As she says "The kangaroos come In groups ( more like gangs) and the way they move they seem so creepy and slimy! The take the cone from your hands and it is just feels so scary!" I can tell youit was hilarious to watch her try stroke them whilst looking at the camera. She kept looking at them out the corner of her eye! :)   

We also saw a massive crocodile, very freaky snakes and other reptiles. We also saw wombats which look like a cross between a mole and a bush pig! We also saw dingo's which look exactly like a husky dog/ wolf. They were young and very cute. Definitely made us think of the dogs back home! :(

We managed to get around featherdale just in time as the heavens opened. We caught the bus(good timing as the next one was only an hour later) back to the station and them the train back to the hotel.

A quick stop at woolies for some food for dinner (cous cous salad with rocket spinach etc and lamb). Yummy!

Colz had a little afternoon DOODS as I watched the rugby league and kept tabs on the world cup via the Internet. Spity Ireland won but I have a good feeling that we going to beat the Aussies! Gutted about the loss of fransie steyn, but we got a good squad so I reckon we got it still. As for the All blacks, bit rough that Carter out for the tournament as well. Bitter sweet as good for us but would like to have seen him play when we there.

We also managed to get Skype working with christine &vic and it was great to see family faces and the monkeys ( maxi & Bruno).  Had a long chat and although we are enjoying the trip it did make us miss home a bit. Only 7 weeks left.

Missing all you guys back home. See ya in 7 weeks!

Love us.


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