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After waking early we headed off to the supermarket for our big shop before setting off on our journey. The shop opened at 8.30 and we wanted to be in and out as soon as possible so we could be off by 10.00am. What a supermarket, there was six floors so we wandered around and made sure we had our essentials....loo paper, beer, some food. We must have been a sight staggering down the road with all our goodies. Our reward when we got back to the boat was a cold beer. Our Canadian friends are pretty keen on their beer so this could be an interesting trip.

We battened down the hatches, Pete pulled the anchor and we were off, away from hazy Athens. Unfortunately, it was still hazy when we left the mainland behind. Skipper Dave said it usually is hazy.

We motored for a couple of hours and then dropped anchor for a swim. I have never swum in such blue water...it gives a whole new meaning to Aegean Blue. The water was so clear we could see the bottom...it was glorious. We swam and bobbed around for a good while (you sure are buoyant in this water) and then climbed aboard and set off for Aegina.

We arrived at a cute little village by the sea and after the ritual of dropping anchor, tying up and re-opening the hatches, Pete and I set out to find a taverna (and loo). We enjoyed a nice cold beer, visited the ablutions and then wandered around the town. We found the tourist office and had some time to kill before we caught the local bus to the Temple of Afina. Pete and I contributed to the local economy by taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage around the town which cost €20...we didn't try to bargain so probably paid too much. The island is famous for pistachio nuts (and man they are nice) so the sights pointed out by our driver were pistachio nut trees, olive trees and not much else.

We caught up to the rest of the group and they decided to come to the temple with us. We all piled aboard the bus and headed for the temple. When we alighted, the driver told us he would be back in 15 minutes for the return journey or we would have to wait an hour and a half. Needless to say, we did a quick tour of the temple. They build them in amazingly inaccessible places. After a quick run around, a few photos and a look at the view, we caught the bus back to town.

Erica and I went to have a coffee when we got back to town. She is a photo journalist who has won 3 Emmy Awards and lives an interesting life. We had a good chat before joining the others for a drink before dinner.

We headed off for dinner about 8 (early for Greece) and after a wrong turn or two, arrived at our restaurant. We have been eating 'meze' style, Sharing a variety of dishes and they have been delicious.

We headed back to the boat and I headed for bed. The others sat up and drank and chatted however, I was happy to find my bunk.

Ablutions have been interesting. Dave gave us the low down on how to use showers and toilets the first night and his expectations for keeping a clean boat. We are under threat of death if we leave a hair, any kind of hair in the bathroom or we don' clean up generally after ourselves. I think he scared us so much, we don't want to use the boat ablutions...not very practical when you are on a boat for hours.

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