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Well hello world! How are you all doing? I hope supercalifragisexy :)

Well I am totally over this cold! No more sneezing, coughing and snot everywhere! Whew! Bring sick in China is a drag, everything seems to annoy you and I was starting to get really irritated...EASILY! I dont usually get irritated easily but maybe its all from the pollution...but whatever...

Okay, havent had the chance to post everyday been super-duper busy. But I have a little down time since I have a break in between my classes.

In the past week *I am sure I will say this a billion and one more times but...* I have so realized how truly fortunate and blessed we are as Americans! I mean it is the simple things in life that while I was in America I took for granted. Truly there are rude Americans, but I have ran into many rude Chinese people. Now I am not saying that every single person here is rude...

MOST..I almost said "majority" but that wouldnt be totally true.

But the Chinese men are extremely rude...especially if you are a woman. Well I am a woman and a foreigner so that would make most of these men to be twice as rude to me huh?

And I havent forgotten about the female Chinese; they're rude too...If you're waiting in line; they think that you're just standing in line "just because"! Well I have a trick for all of that...I believe the next time a person tries to cut me off in line, bus, waiting for a taxi, or whatever...I think I will...never mind...I will just let them know in many languages of how what they tried to do was RUDE!

Moving on to something more positive; I gave my first test the other night. Let's just say I know exactly how all of my past teachers felt when they gave an exam and only only about 3 followed the directions that I gave. I just shook my head...Maybe it was first test jitters and everyone didnt do so well. I will have to see when I give another exam.

Last night, one of the girls that I met knocked on my door and handed me a note. I was confused a little at first...I opened it and it was a letter to tell me that if I needed any help, I shouldnt hesitate to call her and her friends. I have yet to completely understand what was being said, I had to read it a few times. This was really sweet of them to do such a thing. The funny thing is, they all can read the English language very well but CAN NOT FORM SENTENCES VERY WELL and CAN NOT SPEAK the English language very well.

Well, as for now I am done with telling you how the past few days were. I will tell you more later.

Family, if you are reading this post I hope you are very proud of me. Send prayers up to Him for me as I do the same for you :)

Life is good, but God is AWESOME!

Love, Live, Life

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