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Countyside as we drove towards Fly Creek, NY

The Cider MIll

Fly Creek Cider Mill Parade vehicle

The Apple Story

Old Apple Presses

Story of Fly Creek

Orchard of Empire Apples


Entry archway (part of the brewery) to get to the tasting center...


Entrance to Cooperstown Brewery Co


Wine cask sitting outside Bear Pond Winery



Brook's restaurant

Brook's truck (originally owned by Frank Sinatra)

Dutch Belted Galloway cows

Today we embarked on the Cooperstown Beverage Trail, a four site tour of a cider mill, two breweries and a winery. When you visit the first site, you pick up a brochure that is stamped at their tasting area. At each other site, you present your brochure to get stamped at that location. When you complete the visit of all four sites of the Beverage Trail, they stamp your brochure and you are allowed a choice of either a wine glass or a beer glass for free. There is no specific order to be accomplished, and all sites do not have to be visited in the same day. Since we wanted to eat dinner at Brook's House of Bar-B-Q in Oneonta, we went to the Fly Creek Cider Mill first. Located in Fly Creek, NY, along the Fly Creek, which provides water power for their apple press, they make apple cider, hard apple cider and apple wine. They also sell apples, dips and other things. We were able to sample the hard cider and wine and purchased a bottle of Hard Apple-Raspberry Cider, along with several other items. From there we drove south of Cooperstown to Brewery Ommegang . This is a Belgium brewery, making some very fine Belgium ales. We had lunch in their cafe along with an ale and of course, purchased some of their offerings. Our third site visit was to the Cooperstown Brewing Company, located in Milford, NY. They are a small brewery making five ales, a porter and a stout, all sporting a baseball name. We tasted the likes of Old Slugger, Pride of Milford, The last of the four sites of the Beverage Trail was the Bear Pond Winery, located just north of Goodyear Lake on US 28. There we were able to taste several of their wines. We each selected a wine glass for completing the Beverage Trail and also purchased a couple of bottles of wine. We then went to Oneonta to have some Brook's Bar-B-Q Chicken. We were going to visit their gift shop, but by the time we finished eating, the gift shop was closed, so we will have to try to get by there again before we start heading south. The last photo is of some Dutch Belted Galloway cows. I had never seen this variety of cow before, but they have a white band or belt around their middle.

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