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The mist from the falls is visible for miles

Maid of the Mist docking after a ride to Horseshoe Falls

Maid coming back, looking at Canada side, at old generating plant

The elevator to the Maid's dock is down that round shaft

Rainbow Bridge to Canada downriver from the falls

The American Falls

The people in yellow are on the Cave of the Winds tour

The American Falls

Rainbow in the mist

John at the stern - American Falls and Rainbow Bridge

Approaching Horseshoe Falls

Leaving Horseshoe Falls

Janna with American Falls

Another rainbow in the mist

See the little boat? That is where we were.

Geese over the American Falls

Top of the American Falls

American Falls

Yes, we really were there

Canada side - top of Horseshoe Falls

Canada - power plant upstream from Horseshoe Falls

John and Horseshoe Falls

Sea gulls here are as tame as pigeons

The Whirlpool

Crossing the Whirlpool in a cable car (not us!)

The Floral Clock - the second hand moves

This morning was bright, sunny, and not too hot. We headed to Niagara Falls to ride the Maid of the Mist boat to Horseshoe Falls (Canadian Falls).

Everyone gets a blue poncho to wear. The boats leave the dock about every half hour on the U.S. side. The Canadian side has a dock with the Maid boats leaving there. We were amazed at how many people were there to ride the boats.

We left the U.S. dock and rode by the American Falls. The spray was amazing. It was like we were in a rainstorm. The boat road up to Horseshoe Falls and steadied itself in the current for a while, then rode across the front of the falls. John and I were glad to have the ponchos. Then we rode back in front of the American Falls and to the dock. We could see people taking the Cave of the Winds tour. We had thought about doing that until we saw what it involved. There were lots of stairs to walk and lots of water to deal with.

After the boat docked some of the people walked up the stairs beside the falls, but John and I rode the elevator.

We took lots of pictures and we will let those speak for themselves. The boat ride was awesome. The falls are magnificent.

We started looking for a place to eat in Niagara Falls (U.S.) and were disappointed by the condition of the town. Away from the state park area around the falls, the town is in bad shape. The majority of business are closed and boarded up. There is a big casino, Seneca Niagara, that has several good restaurants, but we did not want to go to a casino. We went to the area call the Italian Food district. We saw an Italian bakery, but there were few restaurants, and those were Mexican and Vietnamese. We saw about a dozen Indian (continent, not American) restaurants. We ended up at a Denny's, which was okay.

After lunch we drove back to the campground to give the pups a walk and some attention...what they really wanted was a treat or two.

We drove back to Niagara Falls (U.S.) and drove across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada. We went to the Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls. The wind was blowing toward the Canadian side, and the mist looked like rainfall (which we also got some of). We drove north on the road beside the falls and river. We stopped at the Whirlpool and watched some brave people ride across the falls on a cable car. The whirlpools are created where the water, moving fast downriver from the falls, makes a 90 degree turn to the right.

Further on up the road, we stopped to look at a gigantic power generating complex. Water is pumped up out of the Niagara River then run through generators to make electricity, then back into the river. Miles of power lines came out of that place.

Further still we stopped at the Floral Clock. Either a college or state horticulture organization has a facility along the river. The clock is part of the facility.

We crossed back into the U.S. at the Lewiston bridge.

We had to wait 15 or 20 minutes in line to get through customs. There was lots of traffic and there were four lines of cars going through. We watched a drug dog and its handler do their thing...they walked along the line of cars and the dog sniffed for drugs or maybe explosives. They were very quick and very serious about their job. We had no problems with the border crossing.

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