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I like this angle

2 years since the Eclipse that wasn't seen, I'm back in Shanghai to once more prove the French phrase "never two without a 3rd" (or something along those lines). Much more pleasant travelling business and staying in a decent hotel this time, although because it is business I'm just passing through.

I did manage a couple of trips out, one to a market under the Science Musium and then a quick trip under the river to the Bund (staying in Pudong). They had finished the work on the Bund promenade that was going on last time I was here so you could actually walk along it again. I'd convinced my boss that the underground was perfectly safe to travel on and I think she was pleasantly surprised how easy and safe it was, however when we got back to the hotel and turned laptops on the first thing that jumped out of the BBC home page was that we had just missed a crash which injured 200+ people. It did explain why the system was suddenly fairly empty.

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