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I did not think that any thing told me in advance that Koh Tao was not for me but who knows. I thought it has swimming, hiking and scuba diver it will bee great. my bad. I spent the first night in a hut that was in the port town but I just needed to rest. It seemed all the places I had read about that were under my budget no longer existed. the place was not too bad except for the bugs. I met a nice older Russian woman who tried to sell me a boat ride around the island for more money then it cost me to get to the island from Bangkok. The port village was a little small so I thought that I would go to Saree beach the biggest village on the island. here the beach is accessible but is so full of garbage I almost stepped on condoms and food wrappers the whole walk on the beach. I did find a pharmacist who helped me with my swollen feet, they almost look normal, too much water retention. At Saree beach I stayed at Say Hi Hostel and Bar, I asked how loud the bar would be in the dorm room. I was told that not much sound get through........they LIED!!!!! the party started at 7pm and went on until 1 am. I was so tired I chewed up gum and put it in napkins and put them in my ears like ear plugs. necessary really is the mother of invention. This Island is not all bad but it caters to divers and the rest of us have to fend for ourselves. and it a ruff neighborhood. lol

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