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Well hello there WORLD!!!! Aren't you all just fabulous?!! Well I finally feel back to my normal energetic self! I am over this 7 day cold that I had. Or was it more like 10 days??? Hmm...I don't know but whatever...

So for the past couple of days things have been pretty steady not much have changed in my schedule; I mean I am not complaining. Oooh yeah I forgot to post the other day so I will tell you in this entry what I did this past weekend.

Okay, so I finally decided to give it a try with the Chinese clothing. I mean I could constantly walk around stating that their clothes don't fit me and blah blah blah...Well I went to this one store tried on some clothing and as to my surprised, it FIT! I swear you have no idea how excited I was that it fit! I mean this girl here has a some "junk in the trunk" and wide hips soo that was awesome that what I picked out fit me. I didn't buy anything because I was just browsing to see what each store had to offer. Lets just hope when I actually do decide to go shopping in China, every article of clothing that I wish to purchase fits me...*keeping my fingers crossed*

Moving right along...I am starting to see a change in the students that I am teaching. I believe this change is a good one though. They are more eager to ask me questions and share comments with one another. I think that we have reached a new level of TRUST! That makes me super-duper excited! I mean I get excited about any little thing. So the fact that they are eager, I am more than willing to give to the ones who want it.

Although I have only been here for about four weeks, and it seems like months, I have learned a lot about myself and others that are around me. I am becoming more open to letting others do things for me. Before I came to China, I was always the person who would NEVER ask for help unless that is the verrry last option! I have realized sometimes life is so much easier when you just ask someone else to do it for you if you aren't able to accomplish the task. That was my "AH, HA.." moment.

I must say these students are starting to grow on me. Maybe it is because they could actually be like little brothers/sisters to me and I actually care about them and how they are feeling...Maybe its that whole "nurturing" thing that most teachers have for their students and I think that is why many teachers continue to teach for so many years. Simply because they enjoy their job and the students that they meet each year.

Well I am getting sleepy...I will call it a night...

Family, if you're reading this I hope this has made your day a little bit brighter. Send prayers up for me too...

Life is good but God is AWESOME!

Love, Live, Life

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