Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Scene from the ferry

And Shirley as the Duzer

Bikes on board


Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor Marina

I want the blue and white boat

Here comes the ferry

Just for our friend Pete Powers but the rest of you can...

Mt. Baker on our way to Lopez Island

Light hearted art shot

Checking my breath....and the Braves score

If these guys had to do the peddling they wouldn't be smileing

Yea, the ferry came back to save us

Family photo. Rebbeca, Jocelyn, Chris, Smilin' Pat, Shirley and moi

Ah, more than one ride of a ferry is ferries. Island hopping again. We left Saturday morning for the Anacortes Ferry thinking we had plenty of time to park and get our bikes on the boat along with ourselves. Well MANY people thought the same thing and parking was just a tad away. We were the very last people (and cars) on ferry and the very last to get off. BUT the vistas were FANTASTIC! These are the San Juan Islands between Washington mainland and Vancouver Island. As we were cruising we just said to each other this is a boaters paradise. Sheltered waters with the Cascade Mountains as a backdrop. Mt. Baker was everywhere it seemed. We pulled into Friday Harbor San Juan Island and looked closer at the map. Across the Juan Fuca Strait was Victoria, Vancouver Island BC! We were just there a couple of weeks ago. Those islands we cruised through and around were the San Juan Islands and none of us knew it. We went to an interesting San Juan museum, walked around town and had lunch over looking the harbor. But San Juan Isl.was very hilly and not suited for biking. We caught the ferry to Lopez Island, which we were told was a bikers dream.....aka flat. Those lyin' Chamber people. After trying to reach Lopez Village we gave up after about 2 miles when we saw the down hill finally coming. Knowing how hard we worked to get there we couldn't see walking our bikes back up the hill for 1.5 miles. We did stop at a local park on the water but the day had turned cloudy and the views were subdued. We waited two hours for the next ferry back home and then headed out to a pizza dinner in Anacortes. What a mistake. They lost our ticket and said NOTHING to us. After nearly 40 minutes I went up to ask about our pizza and they acknowledged there was a problem. 25 minutes later our pizza came (it wasn't very good either). Got up this morning to gale winds at our campground on the shore. What we thought was rain during the night was actually tree debris dropping on our camper. Thankfully nothing big. Hit church, Camping World and brought a fried chicken dinner to our nephew's house where he (Pat) his dog Powder, his brother Chris, his wife Rebbecca and their daughter Jocelyn were assembled. We all ate the most awful chicken without complaint. Don't get fried chicken from Safeway grocery stores. But we had a very nice time despite the food. Actually the salads and deserts were excellent. Then we headed to Walmart for our overnight accommodations since we did not do any pre planning. Our first stop said NO Overnight parking. So we moved on to another Wally World and are in for the night with at least two other campers. Bet there will be more when we wake. Still doing great and loving it. Enjoy the pics.

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