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This is my second entry of the day...Its later in the evening for me so I guess I can give you a breakdown of my day. Well before going off to work I had a wonderful video conversation with my besties *you guys know who you are*. They really made my morning and it felt so wonderful to say a stupid joke and be understood by what was said and I could just be my goofy self! Oh those girls I love so soooo much. *just thinking about them makes me smile*

So I get off to work and have a wonderful day. After class, I walk back to my apartment with one of my students. Her English is getting better, so we were just having a little girl talk and she tells me that she thinks of me as her older sister. I thought that was really sweet and cute. AS I am talking to her I realize that all the way in China girls deal with self-esteem issues. The Eastern and Western cultures of beauty are totally different. Eastern cultures believe that being pale and thin is beauty and the Western culture believes beauty is to be a little tan and be fit with a little curves. This conversation that I had with this student touched me and I had to reassure her that she is a pretty girl and if someone does not like you for who you are; it is their loss! After we chatted she seemed to be a bit relieved; simply because I listened and I understood what she was saying although complete sentences were not used.

Maybe someday women all over the world will LOVE themselves for who they are and not for what other's "think" they should or should not look like...

After that I had to meet up with one of the Chinese girls, that I met the other night, for lunch. I thought that we would go to lunch; I pay my tab and they pay theirs. Well much to my surprise she paid the tab...I was so confused! I asked her "How much is the tab?" *I asked because I had invited them to come with me, so it was my duty to pay, right???* She replied, "No problem, I took care of it." I had this super confused look on my face like "WHAT?! I INVITED YOU! I SHOULD PAY!" She insisted that it was "no problem". So I eventually accepted that it was "no problem" and left the restaurant with them.

She invited me to come back to hang out with her and some friends. They all wanted to meet me and listen to me talk English! I was in awe. Simply because they just wanted to know my name and listen to me talk in English. They told me that they would go shopping with me if I needed them. They were so helpful. So we made an agreement; I teach them to have a conversation in English and they teach me to have a conversation in Chinese :)

They are very sweet girls. I am still learning that many of the Chinese are very shy people so that is why they STARE and dont say anything. One of the girls I met her name is "Mandy". She seemed very nervous to talk to me...I almost felt like a celebrity! lol She just smiled and giggled for like the first five or ten minutes that I was in the room. She later realized that I am a girl just as she and she was no longer nervous.

Then, later they took me to this really cheap Masseuse; he did awesome but afterwards I was really sore...guess I was super tense in those muscles...

Another thing, today I had someone ask me if I believed in God...Well, the American side of me wanted to scream aloud and talk about the goodness of God. I didn't know this person they could be some sort of "anti-Jesus" person. So I replied with "Do you believe in God?" This person replied with. "Yes"... Then later say "Im Islamic"...Well I was a little confused...So I just politely smiled and said "Oh that's wonderful. I didn't know what to do in that situation, I was thrown for a loop when Islamic faith, Christian, and God all put in the same sentence...

So that was pretty much my day. Im still recovering from this minor cold...I cant wait to get over it so I can go out to meet new people!

Family if you're reading this I love you all very much and I am well

Life is good but God is AWESOME!

Love, Live, Life

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