The Life of an African American Woman in China travel blog

Hello all if you are reading this it is because you would like to know how I am doing in China...

Well all is awesome so far, I've been here for about 3 weeks now; still getting familiar with my city. I currently live in Zhengzhou. It is a very, very, very busy place! I have learned that if you do not pay attention as you are walking off the, bus, taxi or even crossing the street; you may get hit by on coming traffic!

Well in America, pedestrians have the right-a-way...Hmmm not in CHINA! lol

I am being to make some friends. Some are American and some are Chinese. It is that whole networking thing that they taught us in college. I am learning to be more open to people.I have a really bad cold right now and I am feeling soo ill, ugh!

I don't know what it is with the Chinese and everything being HOT...Hot water, hot room, extremely hot tea, etc. But the funny thing is sometimes there seems to be no hot water in my hotel during the day...hmmm that's interesting.

Well, I think I am done for now. I will share more with the world as the days come :)

Family I love you alll very dearly I am safe. And family continue to PRAY for me :)

Love, Live, Life

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