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Saturday - After a big night out the night before, I didn't awake till mid afternoon. The plan was today to go and get another 400 photos put onto cds (so look out for new additions soon), I went to the local photo shop and they said it would cost me £100 pounds, I left about 1 second after that and decided to travel about 30 min accross London to a shop who had done it for me before for a fiver each. So about 2 hours and £20 later I have my 400 new photos. Next stop was Woolich I had herd there was a sale on electrical goods at a store there. It took me about 30min to get there only to find out they had closed off the line to the checkout 5 min before I got there.

Sunday - Shoping try number 2. The shop I went to yesterday was closed today so I went to a similer store that was close by. So I now have a DVD recorder so all my videos will be soon on the plane home to mum and dad (I have about 8 hours in all look out for some bored people at sunneyside).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Work, work and work, and still loving it. The people there are great and I love the work, I just dont want it to end.

Thursday - Work again, but with a twist. After work there was a get together organised by Beth one of the Ladies in the office. After several hours of drinks and then a meal and then some more drinks out in the city I think I got to bed about 2am.

Friday - Work once more, and found out that I will be back at least for a few more days next week, and seeing I have booked my flight for thursday night to go and visit Mat Trickey in Edinbourgh it works in perfectly.

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