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Left Bandier Seri Begawan the capital of Brunei and headed southeast for the city of Darwin in the Northern Territories of Australia, the area we are flying over is featured in the Australian naval fiction series Sea patrol.

The towns we flying over are now familiar territory for the many young Irish people who have made Australia their new home, hopefully they will return to our shores, all the richer in the skills of life they have now acquired.

We landed in Auckland Airport midday; we were all a bit spaced out from the travelling. Our hotel was in the city centre and our rooms were self-contained, duly settled in, went down to the waterfront and had some beers and grub in O Hagans Bar.

The place was humming with all nationalities .Auckland Boat Show was taking place on the other side of the harbour but this is one Boat Show I would skip due to wheelchair.

Back to hotel for nap and on to prearranged dinner for the tour group. Guess what faced me on arrival at the restaurant but 17 steps down to basement, not unlike the Jasmine Palace Limerick, but I managed to reach the basement in one piece, this was not part of my plan, the toilet facilities were worse the less said the better.

We had a lovely Italian meal but those seventeen steps were in the back of my mind, by the way it is Moya who counted them; I was too busy with the task in hand.

Time to go and with the help of some new found friends I climbed the stairs and home in a taxi. I was very aware of some drunks on the pavement, didn’t want them toppling me over and breaking the other leg. Discovered we had a washing machine and drier in our hotel room during the night won't say any more.

There is a late night advertisement on TV here by the Fire Department don't Drink and Fry, may be it should be on TV at home late after 12.00am

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