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West bury white horse



14 the Foreshore, Greenwich

Inside the apartment,look at the view through the windows!

Sept 17th...

Hi there,am sitting here in a three hundred year old mariners warehouse with three bay windows overlook the Thames! Did I do well! Omg....keeps getting better...

Anyway we woke up very early this morning,both couldn't sleep so sat in bed watching the sun rise over the was lovely,we really don't feel like leaving here,we both love it..anyway up showered dressed breakie and car packed by 9am,said goodbye to Moonstone cottage,went int town,had coffee,last one there,she still remembered what we had..

We got in car,said goodbye to Glastonbury and headed to Etbury about three quarters

of an hour drive to see the Westbury white hors on the side of the mountain,found it,awesome sight,jus as we were about to get out of the car,the heavens opened,so dark! So we took quick photo and kept going on t Amesbury,the famous Stonehenge! Was very spectacular,loads of bus's tourist,heaps of Europeans.

We walked past all the ques withour passes again,wow have they come in handy and whT value, think we have had the value ten times over from all the admissions we have used it for.saved us hundreds of dollars,may be more considering the charge of some places.

We took the guided tour with the headphones,very interesting

still unbelievable how they got there,they are huge,but for some reason. Imagined even bigger?

We left there after buying a tanker with Stonehenge Rocks on it! Very clever...and headed into the big smoke.....London.....on way stopped at a roadside diner,wow like stepping bAck the 1950' daggy.

But everything on the menu was fried again,bacon eggs mushrooms,fried bread,sausages baked beans,seems t be the common staple of food here...

I miss all the super fresh fruits and choice....

So yes had a frigging baked potato for a change! Ha ha

But this time. Ordered ham and cheese! Ohhhh....

After the delicious meal? We hopped in the car and headed along the motorways int London,the big outer ring road wasnt frightening at all,we thought it might be but when we got off towards Greenwich,the fun truly wasn't too ba at all,but Ethan was s shocked a the different nationalities everywhere...and how craz the all were driving.we had to pull t the side three times for police,ambulance,fire,crAzy....we were a little lost but in the right direction as the sat! Was a little confused....we felt a little concerned about the area we had ended in,looked rough and dirty....Everything so so crowded....anyway rang Jill owner of the warehouse in Greenwich,she came out in her car to meet us,but as she did the heavens opened again And wow was it black and wet!

We finally tracked each other down by mobile and followed her along the waterfront of the Thames near Greenwich to our new home for a week....all. Can we can say is wow,wow wow........

It is mariners warehouse from 1700 ad onthe actual water front,we are sitting here listening to the water lapping on the sides of the river as the bOAts go by all lit up.......and what a magnificent view ,we have the lights off and are looking out at Londons night is just unbelievable and t top it off,we have a free car park!! Wow not in London ,outside the door.....

When we arrived we had to carry the cases up three floors,no lift....and then we locked up and adventurer out in the car....yes we are Mad!! With map in hand to the local supermarket....24 hr telco on a Saturday night,and it was like Melbourne on Xmas eve at we did a huge food shop as we plan on takn our lunches with us,I can't handle another baked potato! Ha ha

We made it back in three pieces and lugged the food upstairs too,had pizza and watched tv and just sat looking a the wonderful view.we are now sitting planning a few adventures tomorrow,depending on weather what we will was very wet today but warm...

We aren't going to go a mad in London,but have a few wish list things to see...and our pass gets us in a lot of things and what's better all buses,tube,trains and water boats are free....our nearest water boat is 400 yards away,so we will travel by water tomorrow and cruise up to the Tower Bridge and go from there,or if it is pouring we will g t the Museum or Madame Tussaurds wax works.

Stop of on the way back for an afternoon tea with Lizzie!

she texted and said she was expecting us....will see if we can squeeze her in....

Anyway going to go,have joined up a few days wifi,so don't have to venture out to find it,would be impossible....

Goodnight from London......xxxxx

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