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On Saturday evening I drove up to the Seattle area in order to get all the two-lane roads behind me. I am going to take I-90 back and plan to do it in three legs: Seattle-Billings, MT (800 miles), Billings-Mitchell, South Dakota (600 miles) and finally, the 500 miles from Mitchell to Milwaukee.

I had a couple of option for coming home but decided to stick with I-90. I don't want to take I-94 through North Dakota, mainly because hotel space is at a premium in that state. The oil business is booming there and while I travelled through on my way out I discovered that there wasn't a vacant room anywhere.

In fact, while having my brake job done I read an article in an entrepreneurial magazine about how they were starting to build hotels in the middle of nowhere just to house the workers. Sort of interesting.

I had a minor mishap Saturday afternoon---a flat tire. I changed it and took it to a Les Scwaab tire store which is a chain out here on the West Coast. They were able to plug it and didn't charge me anything. I thought that was a nice way to win customers. So here's my plug for them if you ever need tires in the west.

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