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I know this is late, but . . .

Jim and I got up and got to the RV about 9:00 - Way too late in the day here for heavy work. We are in Monsoon now so it is humid AND hot. Nice in the morning, great in the afternoon, but hard work will hurt you.

Anyway, We unloaded a lot of stuff from the RV. All the fridge, bathroom, bedroom and part of the living area. We still have another load or two to go. You always take more out than you put in, because you get to clean things to put back in. I did 4 loads of laundry yesterday and still have some to go. Bedding tomorrow.

Then you get to come home and unload the stuff into your house, so now it looks like !@#$!#. From all the walking, hauling, lifting, etc I did I was worn out. I did go to bed about 9.

I also did some fun things. I hauled the little featherweight out and played with it a bit. Found the foot I needed in some of my other featherweight boxes. I am going to clean it, oil it and sew with it very soon. Want to see how it feels.

So with the hauling, the unpacking, the starting to put away, the laundry, etc. I had a very busy day.

Then of course the refrigerator decided to spring a leak in the water line. We had to turn that off. Jim pulled it out and looked and there is a broken piece where the waterline goes into the fridge. How did that happen? So , no ice cubes for awhile.

So until I am comfortably ensconced in my house, with all the things put away, cleaned, etc. you will hear from me for a bit more as the TRIP is still not over.


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