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We started hitching the 5er about 7:30 plus or minus then went to the storage yard and had to back the 5er up to the trailer, exactly and get that hitched up.

We left the RV park at 8. It was a beautiful morning. The weather was great and the colors were spectacular. I should have written the times down when we went thru places but alas, did not.

All I will say is that we got into Sahaurita (Green Valley) at about 12:30. We drove straight to the Storage spot, unhitched the auto hauler, pulled around again and unhitched the 5er. We got it all set up for storage (kind of) and then unloaded the freezer, part of the fridge and the computers and some other important things and closed her up. Since the fridge runs on propane it will be fine until we go back tomorrow and finish. Then we hitched the car hauler up again and went to RIGABERTOs Mexican food and bought burritos to bring home for lunch. We got home about 1:30 plus or minus. GREAT to be home.

The temperature dropped almost 12 degrees from Phoenix to Green Valley. We are under a cloud cover now, but no rain at my house. HOPEFULLY maybe later. I would love to have it just pelt down.

So, I get to go through giant piles of mail, with more still at the Post Office. Billy is happy, but until I survey the backyard first, he cannot go out without his leash. Might have critters, etc out there since no one has been actively discouraging it. My pond is GREEN. Guess not enough chlorine got into it before we left.

Running around plugging everything back in, etc.

I think we will be going back over pretty early tomorrow to get the rest of the stuff. Would be a lot cooler. May have to make a few trips I think. Always more out than in.

So, I am home.

Those of you who care to call can, but I warn you, I think I will be going to bed early after a very LONG shower. I may even get into the spa and just soak a bit.


I will let you know the rest of the adventure in the next few days. More things to tell.

Oh My, a cardinal just landed on the table outside my window. Where is your camera when you need it.

Oh Yeah, I do have more pictures so will get them uploaded probably tomorrow.

I also wanted to tell you about the camera.

I just got it before the trip. I wanted a camera I could carry in my pocket and would take good pictures. I have a Nikon D50 with a Tamron lens but it is big. Take incredible pictures though. Anyway I did some research and watched sales and I got a Panasonic Lumix FH22 for under $100. It has motion sensor and all the other things I wanted. I am in love with the pictures it took from the car window.

So that's the story for today. I have got to go to work.

But I also realize it will not last very long. I think a nap might be in order.


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