KoKomo's Aussie Top End Adventure 2011 travel blog

Sawtell Beach


Birdies at Crescent Head

Lisa only has eyes for Mark !


Mark & Bru fishing...one last go...

The fish caught!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Last Super

Smithtown main road

Crazy fisherman at The Gap

Wednesday, 7 September

After taking a short detour to check out Sawtell - which was absolutely beautiful...we arrived at Mark & Lisa's place at Smithtown around midday....

After a nice cuppa Mark then took us to Crescent Head for a swim....

Funny...we have been to their place a few times now and this is the first time we have actually been there without it raining...so made the most of the sun...

A nice drink in the local pub afterwards...then home where Lisa cooked the BEST chicken burritos ever!!! followed by her world famous triffle...yummmmo

Thursday, 8 September

Well the sun didnt last long .... but not to worry...we all took off to the local wharf for a bit of fishing...

Later that day when the sun shone through Mark took us to Hat Head and The Gap where we saw whales breaching in the water

AND the biggest black snake EVER!!!

A day was capped off with a magic dinner at the Gladstone Pub...

Arrr good friends, good food and a few weeeee drinkies...what a great way to end the holidays...

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